Sunday, November 8, 2015

Not What We Expected

I can honestly say that this was not a post that I expected to write.  For several reasons, and after many thoughts and prayers, Tara and I have decided that we will not be seeking to serve at Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.  It has been over 16 months in this journey for us, and it has been a hard decision for us to make, but Tara and I feel that it is best for us to completely close this door so we can focus on other doors God is opening for us.  We have been happy to serve in the capacity God has used us while we took trips to Haiti, and have met some wonderful people along the way.
As we begin a new chapter in this journey, we want all of our friends and family to know that our hearts are still in missions.  We are currently looking at another opportunity that has been presented to us.  We ask for your continued prayers.  Specifically, we ask that God's direction will be clear and evident.  This was a hard decision for us.  If you have kept up with us, you know that we felt our calling was very pointed, so until we made this decision recently, there has been a feeling of being lost in our direction. We hope to move on from that feeling with this decision.
I will fill all of you in on our new opportunity when we have a little more information.  What I can tell everyone is that it is different in almost every way than what we would have experienced in Haiti. We continue to look forward to where God is leading us, and continue to trust in His direction in our lives.  I will be updating our blog soon, and can't wait to share about the opportunity before us! Thank you for your continued prayers on our behalf.  Please don't stop, as this is the most important part of our support.

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