Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Happenings Over the Last Year

It has been well over a year now since we have posted anything about where our path lies.  Since the last time I posted, I have been back to Poland two more times.  Tara joined me the last time which happened to be last week.  We led a group of 9 of us to a festival that PROEM puts on called Kontakt. I attended Kontakt last year as well.  It is an amazing time to get together with brothers and sisters from around the world to help people in need, and in turn, open doors for PROEM to move through.  Below is a summary of what took place this year.

And the following is a promotional video for PROEM and Kontakt (very good explanation):

So this is where we are currently at.  We are both still feeling led to the ministry.  I find myself more and more restless with what I am doing with my life.  Over the last few years, Tara and I have been putting ourselves in a position to move into the ministry in one form or another.  We've started working with ministries around us, and are continually making more time to help others around us. We are by no means perfect in this area, but we're growing.
Last year we had a few different opportunities in front of us.  I was sought out to possibly become a director of a Christian camp in Missouri.  Moving to Poland as missionaries was an option.  There was also a remote chance of moving to South Dakota again to be a youth pastor.  After much prayer, and many conversations, we eventually closed the door to all of them.  After another year, we are glad we did.  I have continued to work with our church as the Missions Events Planner.  This has given me a lot of perspective, and has allowed us time to continue to pray and consider where God has us.
I realize that I said this is "where we are currently at" without actually telling you.  The past experiences have led us up to where we are at today, and needed to be shared.  Right now, we have a couple of things we are looking at.  We aren't rushing into anything, but are content with working in whatever ministry role the path may lead to.  What has been truly amazing to see is what closing the doors last year has helped us learn.  We have been able to ask questions that we wouldn't have been able to ask without the experiences that were had, and we have continued to develop and deepen relationships that needed to be.
I hope to be able to update everyone about our path in a few weeks.  We praise God for where we are, and the rocky road that has led us to this point.  He has hardened our resolve along the way, and continues to mold us into who He wants us to be.  We can't wait for what's in store!