Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Calling

Let me start off with a little bit of history.  Tara and I (Josh) have been married for 7 years.  We have two wonderful children.  While in church a couple of weeks ago, Tara and I both felt a tug on our hearts while the video you see at the top of this page was being played about an upcoming mission trip our church is taking.  They had played this video months ago, but that feeling wasn't there for us.  This time was different.  We talked about it, talked to the missionaries about it, and decided to pray about our motives to make sure that this wasn't a decision we were making of our own accord.  God took no time in answering our prayers. Three days after we had started seeking God about this, our pastor gave this sermon:
Tara and I were both in tears as we realized our prayers were being answered before our eyes.  And so the journey begins.  Tara and I are planning to become long term missionaries at Northwest Haiti Christian Mission. We have applied, and had the privilege of entertaining Janeil Owen (the mission's president) last week. We all believe that this would be a good fit. 
Our plan is to move to Haiti in 2 years. We are planning on making a few trips down to the mission in the mean time. What we are asking of you is this. We want as many people praying for us as possible. We want you to approach the throne boldly and audaciously on our behalf, believing that God will answer your prayers. We want to be on your long term prayer list. It is amazing how God has been piecing all of this together in our lives.