Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Actual First Step

If you look at the clocks on the right hand side of the page, you will know that Tara's first trip to Haiti is in less than a week!  We have so many emotions going on inside of us right now.  We are excited to start, nervous about the travel, but more importantly, we're totally pumped to finally be helping where God has called us!  We will keep you updated as the information is passed along.  Tara is traveling down with an eye surgery team.  We aren't precisely sure what her role will be while she is there, but I've already heard her talking about the orphanage.  One thing I have learned about my wife, is that she LOVES to love on babies.
For those of you that have been praying for us, thank you.  We need your continued prayers for the journey that is coming, and those in the future.  Pray that God's calling will stir in those that NWHCM is ministering to, and that they will see God in the team that Tara is traveling with. 

More posts to come soon!