Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Process

Hey all.  I know it has been a LONG time since we have posted.  We've done some talking with different people, and have clarified the process.  Tara will be going with the iTeam (team of eye doctors and nurses) to Haiti at the end of October.  It's coming up so quickly, and she is excited!  We will keep everyone updated with progress as it comes along.  We will definitely post pictures once Tara returns.  Thank you all for your continued prayers.  This is the process we hope to go through:

STEP 1: Initial Inquiry

All initial inquiries need to be sent to the web page to fill out the missionary candidate application. The application is then linked to an e-mail address that John and Barb will check.

STEP 2: Initial Contact

* Phone interview with John Harvey, initial questions asked and candidate process explained (see sheet).
* Notes put into Google Drive and reviewed by Janeil and Jody
* John contacts Barb to send Missionary Candidate packet out.
* John contact candidate once they have had two weeks to review the packet they have been sent; answer any questions and set up phone interview with Jody.
* Phone Interview with Jody.
* Jody decides whether this person can enter the candidate process with us.
* John informs applicant of the decision

STEP 3: Initial Trip into Haiti with NWHCM

* Once approved, the candidate(s) needs to make a 10-14 day trip into Haiti with NWCHM, accompanied by John Harvey or Jody Castillo.
* John contacts candidate to let them know the next step.
* John contacts Barb to let her know who the candidates are and that they will need to fill out a Barnabas application online, introductions made by e-mail.
* While they are in Haiti, they have a required appointment with John to get to know each other and see if we want to carry on.
* John follows up with candidates after 3 weeks home for second debriefing.
* John to e-mail Janeil and Jody a report.
* Janeil and Jody pass decision to John for possible next step.

Step 4: Meet NWHCM Zionsville staff (1-2 day trip)

* John contacts candidate; Barb to set up Zionsville trip with candidate(s)
* Janeil to oversee Zionsville time: setting the schedule, including Myers Briggs testing, “transition” information as they get ready to leave, and arrange meetings with all of the Zionsville staff.
* Theology / Bible knowledge testing for each candidate, (both husband and wife if a married couple).
* Candidates leave with NWHCM Binder full of information from each department.

This is a more informal time of getting to know everyone and a tour of the facility…

Step 5: 7 month Required Internship: Spring/Summer or Summer/Fall (with no breaks)

* Scheduled internship begins, schedule arranged by Jody and John.
* Bi-monthly touch points with John or personal committee, required.
* Final exit interview with Janeil if he is in Haiti or Jody if Janeil is not in Haiti.
* Debriefing stop over in Florida with John Harvey.

Step 6: Post Internship Testing and Formal Interview

* Final stages of candidate process held in U.S.
* Formal interview by Executive Team, John to oversee and arrange.
* Candidate is notified of results from formal interview, that day.

Step 7: Board Approval

* Janeil arranges time for Personal Committee with candidates.
* Board formally approves candidates.

Step 8: Commissioned as NWHCM Missionaries

* Certificate of NWHCM Missionary Status given.
* Official job description given
* Time commitment of __ years signed.
* Annual review required.
* Commissioning Service.